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  1. Jamie Brown

    Help with mod

    Sorted. Could not get it to let me purchase these upgrades but it did let me grant them automatically upon building the scud storm.
  2. Hi guys, I'm sorry if this has been posted before but I honestly have tried many searches to find this out. I hope this forum is still used as this is where 90% of my information comes from. I am only using tibed just now and would like to continue with that if possible. I have made a mod starting with the Air Force General as its base. I have pulled over the upgrades from the other generals but I am having trouble with a few of them and it seems to be the general specific ones which are causing the problem. I have command buttons in my Scud Storm for most of the GLA upgrades (a few are elsewhere as they did not all fit in) and I can purchase them. The anthrax gamma, quad cannon and Chem AP bullet upgrades are there and they are lit up like all the rest but I cannot purchase them, when I click it it just remains lit and the upgrade does not queue. I have had no problems with the China upgrades. Any advice would be appreciated.