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  1. titanfrosttitan

    Hurrah, Internal Errors...

    Maybe there's something wrong with the video file then the error occured when the video player [belongs to windows i guess] trys to play it. Anyway, thanks for the help Doctor :]
  2. titanfrosttitan

    Hurrah, Internal Errors...

    So what does it mean then?
  3. titanfrosttitan

    Hurrah, Internal Errors...

    Its seem that the disk is fine otherwise the installation of the game'd have been interupted the 1st time I install it. Also found another guy on the net who has the same error [too bad I dont have the link anymore ].
  4. titanfrosttitan

    Hurrah, Internal Errors...

    Here is the except.txt file. I just finished Soviet campaign and tried watching the cutscenes through the "Movie and Credits" section. Yeah, the error also occurred, at the exact same time. Now Im sure the movie file associate with the 'Head game' mission is corrupted and its crashing my game. except.txt
  5. titanfrosttitan

    Hurrah, Internal Errors...

    Update: if you skip the cutscene before the error occurs [within 10s into cutscene], this internal error will be skipped as well. I've tried changing compability to Wins 98/Me and Run as Admin for all 7 .exe files [game, gamemd, mhp, mhpmd, Ra2, Ra2md, Yuri]. Didnt work! Does that except.txt file renew itself everytime you start the game? Do I need to recreate the error and then copy the file? [Also, my game was installed from the game disks and Im using Wins 7 64x, Home Premium]
  6. titanfrosttitan

    Hurrah, Internal Errors...

    I have a similar problem too. After I finished the Soviet mission To the Moon, I press Next and started watching the next mission's cutscene. About 10 secs into the cutscene [Premier Romanov walking toward the Earth globe], an Internal Error has occurred and it prompts me to go to Westwood's homepage for support. I then re-enter the game and load the last save [mission To the Moon, about to finish it], and then the internal error happen again in that exact point.