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  1. At least the sequence of events mean that my post got a bit more coverage. Maybe someone will think "OO! I have that mod, somewhere!". You never know...
  2. Ta, mate. Until recently, I was the Lead Support Specialist for a company that makes forum software. Their forum has something like half a million members. I thought their forum rules were pretty stiff. But, they always allowed replies to old posts, as long as they were relevant. Still, no real harm done, eh? Thanks!
  3. Hi! Just joined, for... er... This! http://forums.cncnz.com/topic/5617-lithuanian-webmaster-re-distributes-mods/#entry224069 It went rather well, as you can tell... Good start, eh? Maybe it'll be best if my stay, here, ends now. Apologies.
  4. I just registered, for this... In a way, it's a shame that that site's down, because I enjoyed the Animalz mod and mine got fried. I've searched the net and I can't find it, anywhere.