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  1. Still no help. I disabled Avast's file system protection for a while but no effect. However, Avast haven't even notified anything. And I'm using Windows firewall.
  2. Unfortunately it didn't help. My issue just changed it's form. Now when I try to restore the game I can hear the voices as before but instead of seeing the game itself or a black sreen, I just see my desktop at Yuri's gaming resolution.
  3. The game works otherwise well for me, but when I minimize it and then restore it back, the screen stays black and nothing but the cursor is visible. Voices of the game are still working so I think that this is just some kind of graphical issue. The game performed perfectly with Windows 7. Graphics card: Ati Radeon x1950 Pro (This very same issue also occurs on my other pc with Win 8.1 & Intel HD Graphics so don't blame my old graphics card for this issue) Running The First Decade with 1.03 rev. 4 patch. Any fixes?