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  1. I know these are pretty old games and allow 22khz wavs to be played. I tried replacing a soundtrack with a 44khz music and didn't work. I play it in the options and it skips the soundtrack to the next. Is this hardcoded to the engine or is there a way to allow HD sound effects/music?
  2. The problem was that it didn't actually save the maps because I run fa2 as administrator. Now it's fine
  3. I really don't know which SHP Builder did I use back then, but I know that I uninstalled it and installed this one now. I seriously don't remember that option circled in red.
  4. The version I downloaded yesterday is 3.36 and it contains "Side color" in Cameo Generator which messes up the surface on the cameo. I didn't see anything in the options to disable that. Can someone give me a direct link to an older version? I tried searching but no luck, all I get is an open source bs which is useless. I don't want to compile anything, I just want a link to an older version of SHP Builder that doesn't contain this "Side color" that messes up the image. It's not important how it looks like, I just want to download an older version.
  5. I made a map in FinalAlert 2, saved it as .map file in the Custom folder where other maps are for cncnet. But when I host a game I want to choose the map but it isn't there. Game modes are set too in fa2. Help!
  6. How is this possible? Am i supposed to write the shp file somewhere to another side I added or what? For example, for yuri country the logo file is yrii.shp.. understand me?
  7. NPatch / RockPatch?

    Simply I'm not familiar with it... there should be tutorials for ares mods
  8. NPatch / RockPatch?

    I just need Ares.dll that's all? Then I can just do more things inside rulesmd right?
  9. NPatch / RockPatch?

    Actually It's pointless and too complicated, I'm just gonna stick with regular modding
  10. NPatch / RockPatch?

    I downloaded it and works satisfying. Just one question.. since I'm new to Ares, it says that I need to put the mod files inside launchbase/moddirectory/video, by mod files, obviously means rulesmd, artmd, etc. But are they supposed to be mix'd and the mix should be in the video folder?
  11. NPatch / RockPatch?

    When It comes to adding countries or sides, where is the 'file?' for adding it? I know I can't add them through rulesmd.ini
  12. NPatch / RockPatch?

    I don't really need It's features, I just looked forward to try it out. XCC Utilities sound better, I'll try them out, thanks though
  13. NPatch / RockPatch?

    NPSE wont install into my YR (It says that It's modded), I don't know the version of my YR though.. Can you at least give me a clue how to modify the files without using any patch?
  14. I'd like to know why can't I download them from http://www.vk.cncguild.net/? When I want to download NPatch chrome says It may harm my browsing experience, I tried RockPatch and it says NOT FOUND... Any other site? Thus I'd like help for installing.. what to put where and stuff.. Before anyone's gonna barf out "Searching wont hurt.. *gives link to something I already tried which still doesn't work", I made this thread for a reason.. because I couldn't find what I'm looking for, every other thread leads to the same location that doesn't help.