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    Generals in Windows 8

    wow, surprised to see so many responses to what i thought was a redundant topic. The version i have is the original boxed version but i have updated to the latest patch. @Apocalypse31 Exact same issue as me, not sure i trust 3rd party workarounds either, surely there has to be another way!! Safe link to reset the DRM licenses here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/976590 unfortunately despite being headed as a fix for Windows 7 pre-installations the file they give you only works on Vista or XP xD MS omg, yet another dead end to getting my Gens to run!
  2. Fazbear

    Generals in Windows 8

    I have just installed Generals on my Windows 8 OS but unable to launch. I have tried: Adding the Options.ini in my documents - no success Running the generals.exe in compatibility mode using Windows 7 and Windows XP - no success. Adding the game in Origin and launching through their - no success. Updating the exe to the latest patch. Matching the screen resolution. Anyone have this working in Windows 8 and able to help. Thanks in advance.