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  1. The TFD patch 1.03 rev4. is alrdy installed! # I installed all C&C's in admin mode All three of your mentioned patches are saying that they're not compatible with my installed version of Win7, even when I start them in Admin mode! Addiotionally, they slow down my PC so much, it is close to a crash / freeze! My PC runs normaly again, after closing them! The Ra2 / Yuri troubleshooting didn't work either! Still got black screen but sound! ~~
  2. Hi! I tried to play the good old C&C Games, but they all are screwing up... First of all, I tried all the troubleshootings listed in the Common Problems topic! C&C TibDawn: I got it running flawlessly yesterday, but today, the game wants a CD... Oo RA1: It runs, but i got black screen. Only the sound is clear! TibSun + FS: It doesn't even start... the TFD launcher disappears and reappears shortly thereafter. RA2: It starts on the first time after booting the PC, unfortunately with black screen but sound. If I try to run RA2 a second time, it has the same Problem like TibSun! Yuri: Same as RA2 Generals / ZH: "MiniDumpWriteDump" wasn't found in the "dbghelp.dll" i really appreciate any help here so long, TheCab