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    Generals will not work anymore

    2003 cds, and the program is installed in my documents, but other then that, no
  2. Maxitwist

    Generals will not work anymore

    Yup as admin does not work, and well, its in english so..
  3. Maxitwist

    Generals will not work anymore

    Wow great i didnt see this information anywhere when i googled the problem, but this was exactly it, ive removed the update and it works now, thanks, i so thought i had tried everything and really didnt expect a reply on this post for about 2 weeks. But it workks now so sound man thanks for helping me out (y). Also fyi tried to install the patch but it says a file is missing and it wont install.
  4. I am extremely doubhtful that anyone here will be able to help me, but it is the last course of action I can think to take, so I may as well try it. A few days ago I installed zero hour + generals at the same time. I immediately played zero hour and it worked fine. A few days later when I opened it it would say it encountered a serious error and close, however it would only say this the first time i tried to open it, and simply running the application again it would run as normal. Today for some reason though, it stopped opening, completely. Id click open and nothing would happen, i can manually run autorun and the options come up, but when i click play the options go away and then nothing else happens. Ive tried repairing/re-installing the game, installing in a different folder to program files. Ive tried creating the options.ini file. (extension is fine) Ive downgraded my version of direct x to 9c. I have the file to run as administrator with windows xp service pack. Hardware acceleration is as it should be. User account control is off. These are all the solutions I coud find, and none of them have changed anything. The weirdest thing is that the game did work, i didnt make any system changes, and now it doesnt. Generals also does not work. Now, I may have found the problem: in the EZ.exe application located in the support folder on the disc, scrolling over to requirements i can see that the game thinks i dont meet the reuirements in two areas: windows version and memory. It detects my windows version as windows NT, it is 7 home premium It detects the memory avaiable as -220mb, i have 4gb (assuming this is talking about ram and not video card memory) with 1400 listed as available and 100 as free at the moment ccording to task manager. But i have no idea how to fix this problem.