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    Missions bug

    Well, I removed the game with Revo Uninstaller and later on I deleted My Documents folders for the games and YES! the game worked-I've just finished mission one and I got mission 2 in Load. Thanks for help nonetheless.

    Missions bug

    Sir, I know Origin but I didn't buy the game from there. I bought the game a long time ago(possibly in 2006.) I use Origin but I installed this game using CD's with original CD keys which I've bought in a shop. I am using Alcohol 120% to mount image of the CD's on my virtual drive so I do not have to insert CDs every time I start the game. I also installed ZH1.04 patch in order to install Shockwave,which is in my opinion the best mod for Zero Hour. Well when I saw this I googled about the "Anti-Privacy" part of the game. Maybe it was triggered because I changed my network adapter's MAC address and my hwid. Although I could play both Skirmish and on the LAN. I saw some fixing which took part in the registry and I've tried it. And yes!- the genious who wrote it didn't write it correctly and he didn't warn anyone that he might even lose ability to play skirmish. And now here am I reinstalling the game. You (well not technically) blocked me out of playing games vs my family. ;D Nevermind, the installation may fix the campaign issue, although I don't take faith in it. Have a merry XMAS and a happy new year, I know you wanted to help!!! I will post if the issue is resolved so other players with this issue may see it-I didn't see a similar topic about ZH on the Internet as far as I've looked.

    Missions bug

    Hey, I'm playing Generals Zero Hour under Win7 64bit. I run it in compatibility mode and it works nicely, however I've noticed a bug which I don't get in regular Generals-when I finish a mission etc. USA campaign medium difficulty mission 1, I do not get the "Continue" button, I only get "Play Again?" and "End" and I do not get a safefile in Load list so I cannot start mission 2 USA. Has anyone figured out how to fix this problem?