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    I recently graduated NZDE Computer Specialization and am a long time fan of C&C. I'd love to help out anyway I can.
  2. This "Extended sidebar" hack is causing the game to crash and give this error:
  3. Since the time me and most people have to go searching for stuff the the messy net is limited, I must ask... Where can I get the "extended sidebar" hack?
  4. Used cc95v106c_r3_u2_full​.exe to install (as you must). I've used 1024x768, I want to run at 1440x900. The videos are displayed correctly - stretched across the screen. The main menu screen is only displayed small in the upper left corner, that I don't mind. When playing the first mission the game starts the map in the lower right corner, then when the MCV is deployed all the graphics move to pixel-to-pixel from the upper left side (leaving behind a ghost of what was previously rendered) (image attached/below [in_game_2_mission_1-display_ghost.jpg]. The big problem is that when using either mode the in game toolbar (or sidebar) is only displaying 4 squares (or 4 units) of each type (picture below), the power bar is also displayed wrong.