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  1. Hi, thanks for the suggestion, but in my case that did not work at all. i have tried a lot of things. one of them is what you tried, and i tried to turn of ClearType-text and different compatibility stuff, and ddwrapper, repair the game, reinstall the game, using original cd, a copy of ra2 from origin when it was free, and i bought command and conquer the ultimate colletion, i have tried playing it on a separate monitor, i have tried the "fix" by adding one or two extra monitors, redusing and increasing the resolution on my pc. Btw im using an Asus N56VZ with i7 3610QM and NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M. running Win 7 64-bit On my other pc witch is an Acer aspire 5739 running win7 32-bit is working just fine, but it's so slow and laggy that it's not optimal when hosing a lan game. I had this problem with the Acer pc too but quickly found out about the text sizing stuff. So i don't know if i need to do something in the registry or something to fix this, so plz (and yeah i know this tread is old but i figured it would be better to continue here instead of creating a new one and get yelled at :-P)