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  1. Hi, I can't get the patch installed on Windows 10, it says it's missing a file. I have redownloaded multiple times but still no go with the Origin Ultimate Edition. However, when I try to patch my First Decade installation (installed from discs) it will patch.However, I still cannot get Tiberium Sun to work (from the First Decade discs). 1. I'm assuming that TFD 1.03 rev 4 patch is not compatible with Ultimate Edition from Origin? 2. Any ideas how to get Tiberium Sun working, even from the TFD discs? I've download a TS launcher but still no go. All of this is on a XPS laptop with current drivers, running at 1920 x 1080. I'd love to get the games running at that resolution if possible. Sorry for such questions on first post...I've been playing these games forever and I'd love, love to get them working! Thanks!
  2. Hi! Thanks very much for the quick and informative reply! I'll probably uninstall TFD and start over with your tips. So i don't need TFD 1.03 patch at all? I want to be sure I understand exactly what you mean:)