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  1. I am intending to add new forces to my MOD. These include: CCS, Forgotten, UN I have made new HUD items for all three, and they have been added (kind of). Now I need to align them to each force, correctly.
  2. So why is RA3Uprising not seeing any of the maps? Only default (out-the-box) maps...
  3. C&C Logo Font

    I would like to download this as a font, but can't find the link to actually download it.
  4. How do I add new weapons?

    Any way to get a tertiary weapon (in the form of a C4-Pack for a unit) I know the weapon set has 'SAPPER' as the C4 weapon Though I have noticed my Sniper unit (deployable) is able to use C4 (C4=yes) without secondary equalling 'SAPPER' Any ideas, LOL?
  5. Tiberium Wars on Google Earth

    Looking for the file, anyone got a copy of it?
  6. MediaFire is BLOCKED to my system, could you post to MODdb please...
  7. EA's Leak on a C&C Tiberium game in 2016?

    Another Command & Conquer, well, they couldn't do worse than Red Alert 3, right? Red Alert 3, bad all round, totally inaccurate. Game-play, simply put: VX/Twinblade SPAM, takes the P### Cutscenes, again, simply put in one word: WRONG Even the menus were S###, they didn't even get that much right. And why is it that it was 6 players instead of 8, even though it came after Tiberium Wars? Tiberian Twilight, I don't know, worse maybe, but the ending was the worst part of it. Game-play, one comment: WHAT THE F###! Cutscenes, again, one comment: F###ING WHY! The only thing they got right was the menus. As for the achievements section, I am yet to work out how you was meant to do that honestly... I got all of them on one profile, but that was with specialist maps and so on, I am trying to do it without the fancy maps on my other profile, not getting very far. So if they do make a new Command & Conquer, I'm sure it will be better than what has gone of the most recent stuff.
  8. I think I could suggest an edit for you, to make it look like something from WWI. Make the main Section a box (8 gun ports or something) Then the Treads go round it, make them spiky Then (as an upgrade) add a bit on top, like a flame thrower I know this makes it a different unit, but it is the closest you'll get without Copy-Right collision.
  9. C&c 3 Real Bad Lag

    Any idea on reducing LAG in Network/Online games of CnC3? I get a lot of LAG in Online, I don't mind slow, just not Block-Like.
  10. I am looking for video tutorials for modifying Command & Conquer 3 for my MOD. 1) The first thing I would like, adding unit abilities. For some unknown reason, I don't seem to be able to add abilities. I've checked all spelling within documents, and I've checked paths of documents, and no errors are coming back in CMD. I want to add the Ability 'Charge Advanced Defences' to the Obelisk. It is a clone of the normal 'Charge Defences' from the Beam Cannon. My Advanced Obelisk is working fine though. 2) The second thing is regarding OCL. I have the issue of the OCL not linking up to the structure it corresponds to. Structure: MutantTiberiumSilo Unit for OCL: MutantHorde Note: I did ask about using content of the Forgotten MOD prior to usage, and the agreed units will not be added (as requested). 3) Next, the UI files. I want to add three new factions: CCS, Forgotten and UN How do add the UI's for these new factions without removing the Original files for the Original Factions. Further requests will be added soon.
  11. I want to add new UI screens for my new Factions, but want to keep the old GDI/NOD/Scrin UI's as well. How do I go about that, or am I safe to Copy/Paste/Make Version 2 like I did for the Tiberium Textures (LOL).