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  1. Network question

    Is Generals/ZH network gamespeed bound so that timers are real time? If so, is there a way to have it at a faster speed, much like for skirmish games?
  2. Bless this game

    Thank god for that! I remember the field directly above the village being a huge issue, now not as much. And no, I didn't know that. Does that result in a mission failure?
  3. Now that the semester is over, I figured I'd go through all the Command & Conquer campaigns again, start to finish, faction by faction (yes, including Tiberian Twilight ) and I of course started off by patching this game with 1.06c rev3 by the fabulous Nyerguds. I'm going through the GDI campaign, and I just finished the "Protect Moebius" mission (which literally took me 2 hours and 4 minutes, by the way). Probably the most frustrating mission I've played in my entire life. Goddamn those civvies are so stupid.