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  1. At least "enormous part of it" but it wasn't on any site or in any mappack
  2. Hi everyone. I havent played c&c 4 for more that two years and unfortunately I unistaled it. I had a favorite survival map and I searched the whole internet for it, but found nothing. As I said, I forgot it name, but I can desccribe it. It was long and narrow, there were 4 spawn points of green crystals and 2 for blue, and there were lots of giddeon and forgotten units coming by waves, if anyone have it, pleeeease, post a link. P.S. If you have nice survival maps, but they are not like I described, post them anyway.
  3. No, it is not here but the tiberiгь reсtangle looks the same by size and form, but unfortunately it is not survival(