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  1. You'll need patched language.mix. It's size is 69 mb and I can't post it here.
  2. Me again. This time it's "Unable to read scenario error" only in Firestorm, for the both campaigns, savegames works fine if you do not restart the mission. What can I do with this? Thanks in advance.
  3. That not helped. I've just created new .mix file with all audio files inside and it works now.
  4. It's offline, I've already turned it off. My bad, .mix files - where everything is stored in RA2/YR
  5. Wow, worked like a spell! Thanks for the patch! Question. I have a blinking square in the right bottom of the game window. I think it's something from the Windows tray. What can I do to fix this? Win10 x64, The First Decade edition, patch 103 v4 applied, applied patch from the top post. UPD. Solved, lol. It was task manager status scale, when it changes it blinks.
  6. Strange. After I've installed the Win10 - these .ini files stoped working. Maybe some write/read rights? Or Win10 problems. Nmenth, you were talking about the coping the files from the .mmx file. Where should I put them in the game directory?
  7. There is no need for copy! I was just exaggerating. Made work Mirage tank, Prism tank, IFV so far. When it comes to chrono miner found this VoiceHarvest=ChronoMinerHarvest. There is no unit in RA2 that use 'VoiceHarvest' variable. So when I send miner for harvest it remains silent. Where it is declared?
  8. Ha, found clean ini files in sticky thread here. Found sound.ini file and clean ra2 rules.ini file. A lot of work... One question, new sounds I want to specify for units. Do RA2 contain these? Do I need to repack .mix files? And where Sound Editor get these sounds? Are they in some .mix file?
  9. I've found Sound editor. Now, I need rules.ini of RA2, right? I've found rulesmd.ini from YR, but no trace of RA2 one. Where can I find it? In rulesmd.ini there are a strings like: VoiceSelect=ConscriptSelect VoiceMove=ConscriptMove VoiceAttack=ConscriptAttackCommand VoiceFeedback=ConscriptFear VoiceSpecialAttack=ConscriptMove DieSound=ConscriptDie So I need to enter right group of sounds name for each unit, right? Where can I find these grup names?
  10. Thank you for a detailed answer. I have XCC Mixer and there were times when I extracted music and video files from CnC games. Now I have looked through the mix files I have in the RA2 folder and found nothing. Where I need to look? i have The First Decade RA2 (RA2 and YR in same folder). Please, write down the process I need to do. I won't do it in one day anyways, I'll do it slowly unit by unit. Thanks.
  11. Hi. I really like the Yuri's Revenge thing that all units have own voices (mostly vehicles) instead of same voice for all vehicles in RA2. Is there any mod or guide how can I activate(?) these voices in vanilla RA2? Thanks.