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    Songs' lyrics

    I can try to refind them. A major source were youtube comments - severel comments by several people in several videos. Other sources were random google results while searching for text parts. I searched for text parts I found somewhere, text I "converted" (e.g. chaning Romaji into Japanese characters), and rarely Romaji text which I thought to hear (e.g. "densetsu" is a word I can identify thanks to "Zeruda no Densetsu" = "The Legend of Zelda"). http://forum.gamer.com.tw/C.php?bsn=00883&snA=3713 has "The Might of the Empire" (the variant there might be less correct) and "Enter the Shogun Executioner". http://www.forumjapon.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=21603&sid=cf9755e601c2838834ae250e346768a6&partner=rsj , https://zh.moegirl.org/百合子主题曲 (Chinese) , http://www.japanology.nl/index.php?id=355 (Dutch) and other sources have Yuriko's Theme. At japanology.nl the text was copied from youtube and then edited, e.g. 愛 (ai, love) was changed into 悲 (hi, sorrow or sadness). But the translation there which has "Mister Yoshiro, my God-like big old boy is in deep sadness" IMHO makes no sense. Also for the Soviet March: 1. Official lyrics were released, but the text was not arranged as it was sung. (Also a line break was missing in "... good life, Our generosity ...".) 2. The text in RA3's Soviet March 1 is slightly different from RA3:U's Soviet March 2 - Soviet March 2 is a bit longer than Soviet March 1. 3. Before the official lyrics were released, and even after they were released, there was and is an unofficial text for Soviet March 1 (which includes "водка" or "vodka"). http://paroles-traductions.com/chanson/montrer/1147874/ost-red-alert-3-theme/paroles-et-traduction-soviet-march/ has the unofficial lyrics with French translation. https://zh.moegirl.org/苏维埃进行曲 has the official English lyrics, but the unofficial Russian lyrics. I'd guess that someone else just copied the English translation, but not the official Russian lyrics.
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    Songs' lyrics

    Found several texts on several sites. Put together, just in case anyone else is interested: The Might of the Empire Another variant which should be less correct ("-ni hi-" and not "-ni ni hi-" in the first line): Mecha Storm (Japanese Battle Theme) Enter the Shogun Executioner Variant 1 (which should be incomplete and less correct): Variant 2: C&C Red Alert 3: Uprising - Yuriko's Theme
  3. Clyde

    Songs' lyrics

    The Soviet March lyrics were revealed (see http://forums.cncnz.com/topic/10910-soviet-march-lyrics-mystery-revealed/). But what about the Japanese lyrics? There are at least three songs with Japanese lyrics: "Enter the Shogun Executioner" beginning with "miyo, mikado ..." Another song beginning with "miyo, mikado ..." Uprising's Yuriko theme which has "oni-hime" (demon princess) and "densetsu" (legend) in it In the beginning of the first allied mission In Uprising (Shin Iga Province) one can also hear some Japanese lyrics, which could belong to a fourth song.