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  1. 1. How can i make reveal map in skirmish? 2 .How can i make V4 rocket when launched will follow target on patch 1.12, as patch 1.0?
  2. i download source from http://www.moddb.com/mods/nukes-return-again-group-reborn/downloads/tesla-tank-sourcecode i extract all files to SDK Mod/mods/teslatank/data. All file: Read only i use EALAModStudio build teslatank.big and teslatank.skudef i play game with mod teslatank.big, and game crashes when i start play skirmish Please help me i very like tesla tank.. Thanks
  3. I cannot install sdk mod. look picture pls... Run setup and stop i need help. thanks "feature transfer error" oh, i download another sdk mod v3, and i can install tks
  4. kienxx

    RA3 Upheaval 1.16 Source Code released

    thanks you for share. i use this source, and i edit "maxhealthy", "dame", "speed" of units.. in xml files. i saved and move all file to samplemod/data. But i cannot build big file.. I use Mod SDK v3
  5. i download SDK Mod v3. i find source code mod "Upheaval" of Bibber. i modify something. i move all files to samplemod/data. But when i done, i cannot build big file. "No file found...big"