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    Firestorm GDI Mission 09 Glitch

    Ok, so in about the fifth attempt, everything just randomly decided to appear. The tanks were there, and I now have an MCV. Thanks for your help everyone.
  2. Conchord256

    Firestorm GDI Mission 09 Glitch

    The cyborg commando and regular cyborgs are there, and I can get the APC by destroying one of the bridges, but still no MCV, and no artillery tanks on the other side of the bridge. TaxOwlBear if you have a save file with the MCV in it, that would be very much appreciated. I don't mind if it's right at the start or after the artillery tanks have been destroyed as that's only a couple of minutes into the mission.
  3. I'm playing through the Ultimate Collection of TS Firestorm for the first time and I'm at the last GDI mission. After a few frustrating attempts at moving my small group of Titans and Juggernaughts etc. around the map trying to take out their base, I decide to take a look at a video to see how it's done. I'M SUPPOSED TO GET AN MCV??!!! This has not happened in any of the attempts I've tried. I think it's because the artillery tanks on the other side of the bridges aren't appearing either, so there's nothing to trigger the MCV appearing once they're destroyed. Please let me know if anyone else has had this problem, and if so, how did you fix it. Many thanks in advance. I wasted all that time...