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  1. I also built Orcas. There hasn't been an overwhelming amount of answers here, so I guess at least that most other people can complete this mission, and probably it isn't a bug. Maybe some trigger I have missed somehow. I ended up downloading mission saves for the next mission after being stuck for some time, so the problem has been avoided, even if not solved per se.
  2. Is there anything else I am supposed to do? Like evacuate something or someone, but I but it's been bugged?
  3. I have checked all I could, but I can't find any enemies, neither soldiers or turrets or harvesters. I have no idea what I'm missing.
  4. Hi! I recently downloaded Nyerguds' patch (thanks a million times for the work you have done there, Nyerguds!), and decided to play (or plough) through the campaigns. But I was unable to finish this mission. Can anyone tell me what I'm missing to complete the mission? I have looked around for enemies for some time (hence the money and tiberium growth), but I still have no clue how to finish this mission. savegame027.zip