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  1. I have, yet again, started making a cool map which I probs won't finish... So I figured I'd see if anyone would be interested in co-authoring it (could be multiple people). Would make it more interesting and motivate me too. If interested please dm me or reply here. The map idea is to make a good looking, heavily scripted map that for PvP multiplayer (I guess it wouldn't be super balanced, but it'd make up for it with the fun factor, and it'd be easy to later make a de-scripted version if desired). It's super early stage, so we'd be starting from planning the thing out (I got a days worth of work into it so far, but only a small corner is kinda done). Ability to make nice looking maps, script or mod map.ini would all be useful.
  2. Hi, Just tick the "indestructable" option in world builder with the unit selected If you need to do it via scripting, <Unit -> Affect flags set on object panel> (you'll get it from here) should do the trick
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    Help with scripting cutscenes

    Hi Roger, It's nice to see ZH map making community is not dead just yet. What you're trying to do sounds fairly simple, but when you present everything in one big chunk it quickly becomes confusing - that may contribute to this being the first reply. I'm not even sure if you'll read this as this is ~3 months old... Either way, I feel like I could sort you out if you messaged me and asked about one thing at a time in more detail (I had trouble following your current post). In addition, you could send over the map and I could do some scripting myself Hope to hear from you, Pov
  4. So, after a loong time not touching the game I've decided to make some nice and heavily customised map. This would be both heavily scripted and map.ini edited. Right now I'm thinking of disabling all / most of the building capabilities of dozers and giving some default buildings in the bases such as some defences, infantry barracks, command centre, maybe strategy centre. In the map you'd have some neutral indestructable uncapturable buildings that would occasionally produce tanks / aircraft and make them unmanned, therefore you'd get units specific to factories you're holding and try to wreck the other players with your captured stuff. Of course, I'd like to make it more nuanced, eg.: -> every player could create trucks / convoys which would be used (up) to upgrade the civilian factories to produce more / better vehicles -> could have a civilian nuclear plant somewhere - when it's destroyed the whole map would have a bit of a radiation poisoning. The closer you come to the destroyed plant, the faster you lose health. As a matter of fact, I have already implemented this bit. What I hope to get here is more ideas and feedback before I start properly. Keep in mind I'm quite good with this stuff, so don't worry too much about viability. Anything goes. I also hope to see whether the community is dead. The game is really old, after all. Oh, and one last thing - I might be doing this with the Destructive Forces mod as it adds a lot of stuff I could work with. I'd be happy to hear what you guys think about that as well. Thanks for your time