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  1. I know that those files have been locked for the sake of protecting the assets from being ripped. And I somehow know the other ways to edit those things without using rules files. I asked that are there any alternative ways to know the things insde this [.....]. Like minecraft you can see the item IDs through some hotkey instead of open the whole mod file.
  2. What I want is trying to get the [....] without open the mix so I don't want to open it in the first place. And the reason is I just want to do somethings like set the recharge time of superweapon or unit hp or something like that. So you mean that I can't get those things except opening the mix?
  3. So If there are somethings like that how i can get their ids? i want [.....] things
  4. Hi, I want to ask that are there any alternative ways to get units, buildings,... id without open the rules.ini files? Cause It seem like I was able to play around with the protected .mix without breaking anything. But since that .mix is from another mod so those ids was changed a lot.