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  1. Thank you mate I tried like 5 launchers that I found and that's the only one that worked I can see the mod in the launcher now but it only launches the normal version. I think it is because I have 3 different command and conquer Kane's wrath on my computer the launcher seems to go straight to the disc version of the game rather then the origin or steam version not sure how to go around that as I no longer have a disc copy.
  2. I have downloaded the fixed launchers and I can use command and conquer Tiberium war's fine with all mod's however I do not know how to use mod's on Kane's Wrath as I just cant see anyway of launching them. Looked all over the internet and cant seem to find any kind of guide, all the guides show me how to play mods on Tiberium wars. I got the ultimate collection from Origin I have had command and conquer on CD but lost the games which is why I bought an online copy, I do not know if having them previously installed will have any impact on the game now. Also on Windows 7