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  1. bump I only need to know this
  2. Hello I'm new on CnCNZ forums, but I already read most of the posts here. I have been playing this game since beginning and started making maps since 2003, so far I think i made over 200+ maps. I was working on maps with triggers later on and I managed to understand how they work. I have been making some campaigns maps with survival waves, time travel etc. But there are thing that bothers me, how can you make the skirmish/multiplayer maps without the MCV on the start? There were of course some of my ways of getting rid of it, but thats not so effective. Also it seemed like the "3. Production Begins" and "13 Autocreate Begins" doesn't work when enemy's MCV isn't deployed, How to make enemy build it's own teamtypes like normal A.I when the MCV isn't deployed or when its destroyed before deployed? And lastly, I made my map that has smaller visible area on the start, just so after one event it resizes with the trigger. But, the problem is that units that were put on map and set the (14. Change House ) are not in the visible area and they tend to go to the visible area, is there a script that prevents them from doing it, so they will defend and guard the base?