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  1. Who else agrees that CnC Tiberius twilight was nowhere near as good as cnc tiberium wars and Kane's wrath? They moved too far from greatness. Having said that is there a new game coming? If so are they going back to the Kane's wrath gameplay? Thx
  2. Hello. I have beat all the 1 v 1 maps on hard and have received a gold metal for it. I am now at the split decision map. I cannot beat it on 1 v2 on hard. I have tried over and over. I get overrun every time. I am always gdi. Have not tried any other faction. How in the world can I beat this map? I usually start myself off at the bottom in between both spikes and fields. Any advice? Thx Also another question.....I have played the 4v4 and 3v3 maps on hard and do not earn a gold metal. Why?