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  1. Nyerguds, Yes, now I got it working. Sorry I did not understand Tore's comment entirely first. I went looking into the display settings of Win10 and it seems that there was some sort of custom scaling enabled (like a modification of the normal scaling, highlighted with red text) that was messing up things. I have no idea how that got enabled but I managed to disable it, then enable the scaling again and now everything is just as before except that C&C also works perfectly. Thanks a lot to you both! Keep up the good work Cheers
  2. Hi Tore, Thanks for the reply. Tried your method but still same issue with the mouse. I do also have adjustable DPI in my mouse but does not seem to help in this case. The mouse seems to react properly when moving slowly but any noticeable movement makes it move very fast horizontally for some reason.
  3. Hi everyone, I recently downloaded C&C Gold 1.06 as I wanted to go through the game again on my MBP, running Win10 on Bootcamp. Then I ran into some issues that prevent me from playing the game: 1) Game area does not stretch the whole screen If I run the game on full screen, with or without CnC DDraw, and on any standard resolution provided, the gameplay area (including the starting menu) never fits the whole screen. It is like part of the bottom right area is missing and I cannot see it or interact with it in any way. Attached screenshot of how it looks like. The screen size works fine when running the game on windowed mode, however. Note that my laptop also has Intel integrated graphics, which is somewhat limited in terms of how I can adjust the screen from the driver's side. 2) The mouse properties from CnC DDraw do not work I also noticed that the mouse is acting in a very weird way with super high sensitivity if CnC DDraw's mouse hack is enabled. Adjusting the sensitivity scaling did not work so I had to disable the mouse hack altogether from ddraw.ini Disabling the mouse hack DOES make the mouse work just fine when running full screen (but does not help when screen size is messed up). However, without the mouse hack in windowed mode, the mouse is somehow detached from the gameplay area. When moving the mouse, I can see the cursor inside the gameplay area but it is also moving simultaneously on my desktop with some sort of offset. The desktop, not the game itself, will then react to whatever mouse click I make. ++++++ I wonder if anyone would know what could be causing these issues? To run the game, I would need to have either 1) full screen resolution work properly or 2) mouse work properly in windowed mode - whichever is feasible. At the moment it's not possible for me to play this game. Thanks in advance