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  1. I am talking about making a new unit from W3D to make it usable. I would start from making a tank because it's easier than an infantry. Texturing etc. Bones for turret etc... I think I know I to integrate ini to the unit but don't know how to make it.
  2. Laser Paladin?

    You can. Go to WeaponObject.ini and find the cruise missile then remove UNATTACKABLE and replace with PROJECTILE and SMALL_MISSILE To set Avenger can using a turret laser on it's back to shoot down the cruise missile. You have to change the KindOf from ProjectileArmor to any Aircraft armor that able to take damage from SMALL_ARMS damage type. If you don't change the armor type it's more likely the turret back won't shoot the cruise missile or Avenger may use PointDefenseLaser system instead. This will allow any unit that able to shoot small missile to shoot down the cruise missile. If you set KindOf to AIRCRAFT anything that can shoot aircraft like MissileDefender, TunnelDefender will be able to shoot the missile too. Personally I would allowed only big stuff that able to get to Cruise Missile. I would be so weird if Infantry can destroy a big missile
  3. Modding Tools

    Does regular 3ds max version required renX to edit the W3D model?
  4. Change the nuke color

    I see that the FX_Nuke is what something to set the nuke attribute. As I am myself is addicted to red color so I am changing my nuke in to red color instead of yellowish and orange explosion. So far I did it right but I am stuck at one point. My Nuke is almost completely red. Nuke stem is red BUT the muchroom cloud still be color of orange/yellow explosion I want to change it to red. Anyone know? I saw some mod turn it to Green nuke, Awesome right? If I can change this. My Nuke will be completed. Because I changed the radiation area to red also