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  1. Ok so after having problems with the steam version of C&C3 and Kane's wrath i decided to buy the Ultimate collector's edition of Command and conquer games. I installed all of the games and then downloaded the launcher mod and Tiberium essence for C&C3 and gave it a spin. It works well on Ultra settings and at Full FPS. But then comes Kane's wrath. I start playing the first mission at same Settings as C&C3. The Game is slow it moves at a snail pace. I tried one of the skirmish maps and it was also painfully slow. What is going on? My computer can run Red alert 3 and C&C3 on full settings at full speed. It can run Battlefield 1 at a Medium settings on playable speed. And I can play Company of Heroes 2 at full settings at playable speed. I even went for game debates page to test my computer on how would it play. Unsuprisingly my computer should be able to run the game without any problems. Can some one help? PC specs: Intel Core I5-4210H 2.90GHz Windows 10 64bit Nvidia Geforce GTX 860m 8GB RAM DirectX 12 Kane's wrath 1.02
  2. Kane's Wrath is slow

    Actually it was something i found from steam but it could be applied for the origin files too. You see I have an Nvidia Geforce GTX 860M as a graphics card and the executable that runs the KW is a ".dat" extension and Uprising has ".game" file extension. The GTX 860M needs an ".exe" file extension otherwise it can't recognize the executable that runs the game even if the LAUNCHER is an ".exe". This means that when the game runs it uses the graphics card integrated into the processor which is an inferior compared to the 860M. So the way you fix this is as follows RA3:U: Go to- C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Command and Conquer Red Alert 3\Red Alert 3 Uprising\Data There should be a file titled: ra3ep1_1.0.game that is the executable that runs the game now ad ".exe" at the end so that it says (ra3ep1_1.0.game.exe) KW: Go to- C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Command and Conquer 3 TW and KW\Command Conquer 3 Kanes Wrath\RetailExe\1.2 Now there is a file titled cnc3ep1.dat like before ad the .exe at the end. (cnc3ep1.dat.exe) repeat the Nvidia control panel part and run the game BOTH: Next R-click your desktop and choose NVIDIA control panel from the menu, then click "Manage 3d settings", click the "program settings" tab in the right field and click "Add" to the right in the first field. The game is not in the list here so you'll have to browse our way to it, in other words, click "browse" and find the file we just made (ra3ep1_1.0), the location should be the same. Double click it! Back in the NVIDIA control panel at point 2, we need to choose the GPU we want to use. From the menu choose "High-performance NVIDIA processor".Then click Apply to the lower right. NOTE: if the game at launch says it is missing flies find the game from your origin game library. R-click it and select "Repair game". After the repair the game should work fine. Here is the original from steam made by Osten
  3. Kane's Wrath is slow

    Good news i have found a solution to my problem.
  4. Kane's Wrath is slow

    OK yeah my Compatibility goes with at the lowest to Windows 95 so anyway the game works thorugh origin is do i only make the Compatibility changes on the C&C3 launcher that you can use to start up both or do you I have to change the KW launcher's compatibility. (I have aleready tried some but there seems to be no effect.