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  1. I copy pasted everything in 1 w3x file via notepad++ and it worked for some units (Like RA3U Soviet Grinder). However for most of them i get this kind of error: This ^ happened with Cryo legionaire model. and i got the error when tried to import GDI Rig as well. What's the solution for this? I can't import animations either (Using an special script created by another fellow) And when i use the importer from your website @Bibber The model is cramped and i get no error. even tho i added all the files and pretty much everything show up in the interface.
  2. I got that tool, but it doesn't seem to work for me, I don't know how to do it with text editor either, Would somebody help please? I want to merge GDI Rig together and use it's model, But it's more complex than i thought. EDIT: As for not working, I did according to the instructions (Dragging the folder, using CMD), i always get an error. I don't have problems with max and SDK tho.