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  1. TheTrueLM

    Issue with maps!

    I figured it out, sort of. I had my friend send me his Map Folder and i used that to replace my Map Folder. What ever happened, it works now. Some file in mine wasnt allowing the maps to be played in MP. But replacing the whole Map Folder worked.
  2. TheTrueLM

    Issue with maps!

    I knew i forgot to mention something. They do not show up in the Unofficial tab. Like I did say however, they show up in Skirmish. But in multiplayer, The only maps that show up in the map list are the Tourny maps up to 4 players max.
  3. TheTrueLM

    Issue with maps!

    Hello, I hope someone can help me with this soon. My problem is, I have a bunch of maps downloaded and added to my C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour Data\Maps folder and am not able to see them in my Multiplayer map list. I see them in Skirmish game setup, just not Multiplayer. A friend that I play with downloaded the same maps, but he can see them in his multiplayer map list and skirmish. For a less caring person, one could just have the friend make the game, but I care about how things should work. If my friend can see the maps in MP and Skirmish, so should I. I would like to figure this out and have already spent a couple hours trying to find differences in my files and those of my friends' files. Both mine and my friends PC's are Windows 7. Any help to solving this would be very appreciated, cause google is not being helpful, thanks.