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  1. red2cracker


    C&C version is 1.09 i have Original disc.
  2. red2cracker


    hello. I run the c&c3 tiberium wars and I got an appcrush window. How to solve it? OS: Window 7 64bit
  3. Tiberian Sun Skirmish Loading take too long. i can't wait. How to solve problem and faster loading?
  4. 20 Year? it's very long time! I hope CNCNZ continue..
  5. red2cracker

    RA2 Main Menu Blinking

    I using BandiZip. https://www.bandisoft.com/bandizip/ Other Program Need?
  6. red2cracker

    RA2 Main Menu Blinking

    Thanks. But It doesn't work for me. I Can't Extract XWIS Fix File.
  7. Hi, I install Red Alert 2 (TFD) and run ra2md.exe. (Windows 10) but Blinking Continue at Main Menu. How to solve it?
  8. red2cracker

    3dsmax9 w3x export error

    Thanks for reply. but When open w3x file, W3X Viewer say Error.
  9. Hello CNCNZ. I run 3dsmax9 and File -> Export -> Box.W3X -> Save and cause error. how to solve problem? Saving Hierarchy Tree TEST. Node Count: 2 Nodes: ROOTTRANSFORM TEAPOT01 Processing Mesh: TEAPOT01 ERROR! Could not run Shader Asset Builder - EXE missing or shader not in "Run/Shader" directory? (Looking for D:\ShaderAssetBuilder.exe) Box.zip
  10. Thank you very much, Wolf. You are so very fast. My YouTube Channel have much C&C Video. https://www.youtube.com/user/red2cracker
  11. Hello Everyone of CNCNZ.com I came from South Korea and often visits CNCNZ.com for news, information etc. I'm Always think that C&C and Fan Site is dying. but CNCNZ.com is endure for Very Long Time. I Linked Many C&C Site to My C&C Site Red2.net. http://red2.net/site/link.html Could you can add my site Red2.net To Community Sites Section? If you can, I glad too much. Thanks for read my article.