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    Crackling sound when building units.

    No. I downloaded the version from cncnet.org (with patch included), tried the "official free version" and installed the patch manually, but still the same sound issue. Still have the original CDs (and the official game guide :-) ) but the game won't run on Win10. Another observation: The cracking sound only happens when building something and ordering units, with their confirmation (infantry reporting, unit ready etc.). However, I reduced the sound volume, increased the music and voice volume. This is a compromise for me. The music is great anyway. :-)
  2. Hi, this is my first post. Recently I decided to download the good old C&C Tiberian Sun (played the game many years ago, when it came out). I downloaded the game from cncnet.org. Everything works fine, except for this annoying crackling sound when building units or structures. I also tried to replace the credits-sound and tried to disable it (via the rules.ini and sound.ini), as I thought it's related to this sound, but the crackling noise is still there. Like said only when building units or structures. Also up- and downgraded the sound drivers and changed some sound settings (to 16 bit etc.), but still no success. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Best, Christian