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  1. I recall when I was younger when GameSpy was a thing, I recall playing a Server on the Map Islands Don't know if it was a modified or not. But you use the chat to use commands to check list of props, move between the list of props so you could build around, was like a type of Sandbox mod, was pretty neat, does anyone know what's the server / mod / map i'm talking about? Thanks Note: There was a user who said the following: "I remember a funserver here you could build things on that map. I think it was from RenMatrix."
  2. CnC.Cap

    Classic Games, curiosity question.

    What's the difference between 2D top-down vs isometric? and would be Stracraft 2.5D then?
  3. From these games. Diablo I Diablo II Command and Conquer (Original) Warcraft I Warcraft II C&C: Red Alert 1 Starcraft I C&C: Red Alert 2 I was just curious which games were '2D' and '3D', or were all '2D' with the illusion of '3D', and Im not very expert on this, but it's every '2D' games with or without illusion of '3D' does it uses 'sprites'? Thanks for reading ^^ Another curiosity question. Whats your favourite 'Classic' or 'Retro' games for PC =) Again, thanks for reading. -CnC.Cap