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  1. Thierry


    3 days and no reply in the main forum? What has happened here?
  2. Thierry


    The Flamer's Zone, I remember....good times
  3. Thierry


    That avatar does ring a bell as does the name, all so long ago...getting old
  4. Thierry


    Very cool photos As for the changes I did notice some, I was looking for 'General Discussion' but couldn't find it. Now all we need is Luk3us posting his usual spam and we've got a full set. P.S. I see you kept this little gem: Awesome P.S.S. And since I'm feeling all nostalgic, let's bring back my original avatar
  5. Thierry


    I've never played AoE III, I saw some II during my school days but that's it. My screen/player name has been Thez for several years, I guess I never updated my CNCNZ profile to that.
  6. Thierry


    My most famous avatar was that of a cat at a swimming pool in a swimsuit, I don't think I used skulls in my avatars. (well...Achmed the Dead Terrorist excepted when that was all new and fancy)
  7. Thierry


    So it's been like several years or so since I've last been here at CNCNZ. Quite a few changes, appearantly I'm also older now, going so far as hitting 23 a while back, which put me at like 16 when I was doing World Rebellion...gee... Nowadays my gaming is mostly aimed at StarCraft II and EVE Online, but I have good memories here and from the ZH/Modding days. Good old times, but how about the new times, what's going here on nowadays, after being off and about for so long? Luk3us still the king of spam? Sonic still the big bad Metallica admin? For those unfamiliar, I ran a C&C ZH mod named World Rebellion back in 2004-2005 with a few other guys and it was hosted here as well as being a forum regular at the time. It eventually died out and as my education got along my interests slowly moved away from C&C/Modding and I went to do other things. But whilst surfing the waves of the interwebs I found my way back here and I couldn't resist to pop my head around the corner, so what's up all?
  8. Where are you? ~_~

  9. Thierry

    3D Model Renders

    I may be a busy bee but I found some time to model again Enter the Phoenix Fires 16 Missiles (8 AT, 8 Explosive) in very rapid succession, destroying most light & medium vehicles in a single volley. It is a support unit, not having artillery range but packing a lot of armor for its class, but its mobility and refire rate is not very good.
  10. Thierry

    Random Stargate topic

    Stargate + Nod Nuclear Missile = WTFBBQ
  11. Thierry

    Blast from the past

    Still the ever lasting king of Spam eh? Been a while actually...
  12. Thierry

    Blast from the past

    There is a site that houses dozens if not hundreds of archived versions of sites, any site, even World Rebellion was in there. CNCNZ itself as well... Wanna see what CNCNZ looked like in 2000? CNCNZ History
  13. Thierry

    Your Favorite weapon

    M95 / M82 Barrett Sniper Rifle - not pew pew, BANG BANG! P90 - Submachine gun ftw And ofcourse... The ultimate...powerful...elite...I.W.I.N. button! (I Want It Nerfed!)
  14. Thierry

    C&C ShockWave 0.95 Released

    Hope you all like it
  15. Thierry

    Your Christmas Day Plans

    On Tuesday its a gourmet with the family and my dad at home. On Wednesday we travel across the country to go to my mom.