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  1. and now I'm having mouse issues with the window. making progress tho yup, my mouse is trapped in the cornors of the window, can't get to the center to click on anything.
  2. . . . I don't kmow why really, but it works seems that for some reason the compatality modes that I was turning off, were turning themselves back on, I know I hit Apply. I think maybe they reset when ever you change something in the config setup. read-only box should fix that. no it doesn't
  3. ok so the ddraw.dll is causing the error and preventing me from being able to launch the game. removing it allows me to play and reducing the resolution in the config removes the black areas but in turn reduces the game screen, so I can see less, bummer but at least i can play even if not in a window like I was hoping. and I'm not able to get the better view from the 1.06 patch. not sure why. but sure that has to do with he black areas.
  4. well I still get an error and can't play tho a different # if I uncheck the windowed box in config
  5. Right, I meant removing the one that comes installed by the patch, that seems to be the only way to get the game to run and not get that error message. so does that mean it's not possible to play windowed? or I just have to select one of the game resolutions provided by the config and not try a custom (1600x900)?
  6. well, I uninstalled tfd and carefully reinstalled step by step following the guide, and somehow I'm still getting that error message window. I've tried changing the config settings in ccconfig.exe but still the same result. not really sure what to do now, when I remove the ddraw.dll file, I can play but theres large black sections of the screen like in my attached pics above.
  7. thanks I'll take a look
  8. I installed the Command & Patch for the first decade 1.03 though I am seeing 1.06 patches around and am wondering what most up to date. after installing the patch I started the C&C up and the movies and faction selection screen are really small, not taking up the whole screen, leaving 3/4 of the screen black. though the main menu is full screen. get in game and the sidebar is full screen size, but the game is still small and leaves a lot of empty black space. I'm having difficultly getting ddraw.dll to work, is there a guide for it somewhere maybe? really want to play C&C in a window. I have installed the first decade command & Patch, added the ddraw.dll to the game exe folder but I'm getting an error when starting c&c (see screen shots below) what am I doing wrong? what settings do I need to fix? the configure setting listed here (http://hifi.iki.fi/cnc-ddraw/#download) are a little confusing to me and I'm not sure what I should be changing. please help.