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  1. Please help with patch problem!

    I got it working!
  2. Please help with patch problem!

    I finally got it to work with these intructions. "Zero Hour Windows 10 fix" https://www.gamereplays.org/community/index.php?showtopic=970999 BUT! Now the game ONLY opens in windowed mode and that's in spite of me tried to force it into a bigger view by choosing "Maxmized" under "Run in..." on the shortcut tab. But nooo... It won't return to non-windowed mode. How to do that? Any advice would be helpful.
  3. Please help with patch problem!

    I finally found how to use CCleaner to clear the registry. Will now try admin-install of the game itself.
  4. Please help with patch problem!

    OK! I tried to use CCleaner to get to any old C&C files, but quite frankly don't know how to use it in that capacity. I always use patch and then no-cd files after that, following the clean install. Anyhow I really thank you for all the suggestions. Right now I don't know what to do. I even contemplate a full reinstall of Windows 10...
  5. Please help with patch problem!

    Unfortunately it didn't work. Is this the way you meant, because it was what I did: I right-clicked on the patch file and chose "properties". Then I went to the "compatability" tab and clicked the box for "run this program as an administrator". Then I ran the patch once more. But the same window came up, with the same text "old file does not exist".
  6. Please help with patch problem!

    Aha! Thanks for the reply. I will absolutely check that. //Erik
  7. Hello! I would really appreciate some help on this problem (see pic). Why the F is this sign showing, even after a clean reinstall and all(!) folders have been deleted. I've tried time and again, but the 1.04 patch won't install and I have the old version of C&CGZH (Deluxe version). What to do? Is it a registry problem (Windows 10)?