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  1. I hate to be that guy who joins the forum because he is so inept he can't figure out how to install something on his own... but here I am. Love, love, love the command and conquer series and would like to play them comfortably on my PC. So... I was lucky enough to purchase the command and conquer ultimate collection on Origin. Started playing the original and its great, runs fine, but I just hate the scroll speed... I got to the third mission and had to quit out to come find a solution. So I found the patch, and like a true useless man, tried to install it. Got it running once... but the mouse was teleporting all over the screen, so I tweaked something and then the game wouldn't even launch so I reinstalled everything and still can't get anything to run. I need instructions haha I am useless when it comes to mods, patches, game files etc Please help an old man out. I'm running a windows 10 machine.
  2. TheHandofNod

    I Need Help with the Patch

    I followed the guide to the letter and still got the same problems. On the menu screen the mouse teleports around making it hard to click on anything and when I start the mission there is 2 copies of the screen on my monitor. I am unsure what I am doing wrong. Thank you for your help though.
  3. TheHandofNod

    I Need Help with the Patch

    Sorry, thought I'd mentioned it, my bad. Yes, the first command and conquer. I only ever played it on the playstation when I was younger so I never realised it was called Tiberium Dawn, whch is pretty cool.