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  1. Tried it out, didnt help. If i buy those games again through Steam are they working like the retail Versions or do i need to fix something there too?
  2. Still looking for a solution...
  3. Nobody any ideas why i am getting this problems?
  4. Hey, i wanted to play with mods the first time, so i downloaded this origin fix thing... Before installing any mods i tried out if i get a launcher but sadly i get an error message. I have to log in in my origin account and then i have to activate CnC 3 first but thats not working xcause he tells me i am not online, if i press reenter a Serial the window hang up... So i dont know what to to, i watched several video guides how to do but i never saw this windows before... Ty for help I tried out all other CnC games i got in my Ultimate Colection, the moment the Fix is installed i cant start the game any more...