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  1. Here’s a small conversation I had with Alex “Gasty” Hetu. This helped clear up some things for me personally, and I’m probably gonna support rivals more because of it. If you want to ask your own questions, please join the discord server here: https://discord.gg/GqsjUpp Q: Do you have plans for any other CnC games? A: I can't say what's in development or not in development, but Rivals being successful would definitely send a strong message that people care about and are passionate about C&C as a franchise. Q: How will the card/coin crate system work? A: Going to need more details from you to answer this one! Do you mean how does it work systemically right now, or what plans are in the future? (if so, any specific thing you're looking to get info one?) Q: Will you get dailies similar to other games with similar crate systems? A: We want to add additional forms of progression to the game for sure - the bounty system is close enough to traditional daily quests that we probably wouldn't introduce something so similar immediately though, it's more likely the bounty system would be updated to be more flexible and we'd spend our "new systems" bullets on things more distinct Q: What’s the best thing we can do to convince the big guys to continue the series on both mobile and PC platforms and to possibly bring back the old way of things to appeal to more people and minimize community backlash? A: This is a tricky and complicated issue. Generally, it is going to be supporting and being positive of Rivals combined with also clearly expressing a desire for a PC product. It is very easy for EA to interpret a negative reaction to Rivals as a negative reaction to the C&C brand and franchise. Especially with people commenting on how the gameplay is great and they just wish it didn't have the C&C brand, or the fact it is a C&C game is what is causing all the displeasure. The nuance of that all being because there wasn't also a simultaneous PC release is easy to miss for people high in the company who aren't core gamers themselves. Especially when compared to things like the Star Wars IP, where mobile games exist with that IP and fans love and support them, or to Fallout Shelter, etc. It's important to realize that C&C rivals isn't attempting to be the next major installment in the franchise. It's a supplementary experience to add to the collection of great games under that banner. Hearthstone isn't trying to be Warcraft 4, even though it uses the Warcraft IP. The existence of one doesn't preclude or lessen the existence of the other. So being supportive of anything in the franchise is going to help get other things in the franchise made. Q: How bad is the backlash for you all? A: It's never fun to see people hate and rage on something you've poured years of your life and passion into, especially without even giving it a shot. So that part has been a bit of a bummer. But! We're all good spirits still because when people _do_ try the game, they realize its actually really fun, and not just a reskin of some other mobile game. We've really made something special that captures a lot of the intensity and depth of an RTS match in a nice 3-minute session, and people who give it a try are really enjoying that, which makes it all worth it. Q: Do you consider this game to fit, in terms of its core gameplay, into a lineage of previous games, or do you feel this game is looking to be distinguishable enough from the mainstream of RTS that its success would found a new lineage A: A new found lineage. We're trying to define what a good RTS is on mobile, and that requires it to be fundamentally different in order to be optimized for that experience. If given the choice between playing on PC (with an emulator, for example), and on a mobile device, if we've done our jobs right, you should choose mobile. So this means things like box selecting lots of units, requiring incredible precision of input / controls, etc, jumping between different areas on a really large map via a minimap, 15+ minute session lengths, etc, aren't appropriate for this platform. This also is why, related to the above question, we're not trying to replace PC RTS, we're trying to provide a different experience that can co-exist alongside it. Will be updating the thread with more questions and answers as they come out! Remember, if you want to ask questions of your own, he answers most questions you give him here: https://discord.gg/GqsjUpp