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  1. So there is no way to download the skudef files anywhere? I already searched for them but i couldn't find them. So if there is no way to download them i guess i have no other option than beating them on the current version, which is most likely to be a pain in the ass but I'll try it anyways. Thank you guys
  2. So i wanted to play the C&C3 campaign on hard, after playing through it on the normal difficulty a year ago. But after reading the forums i've read that the 1.09 patch made the campaign impossible to beat if you are not a god in micro managing. So is there any way to change the game version from 1.09? I own the game in Steam and I've read that there are some start up commands but it has been also said, that these only work if you already installed other previous patches. Would it be possible to download a 1.08 patch and use it through the startup command or would it not work because the newest version is already installed through steam? Or are there any mods which balance the campaign?