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  1. In fact, Just 22 days (2000/10/2 to 2000/10/24) in AD 2000, Westwood completed the work of RA2 windows 10 installation compatibility. WOW ====== For some reason, I have both Red Alert 2 English retail CDs and Red Alert 2 Chinese retail CDs. The Red Alert 2 installer refuses to work on Windows 10 because the "\SETUP\SETUP.exe" [Date 2000/10/2, 1,308,723 byte] in English retail CD not work on Windows 10. But the"\SETUP\SETUP.exe" [Date 2000/10/24, 575,488 byte] in Chinese retail CD works on Windows 10. So i made a modded CD image, just replace the "\SETUP\SETUP.exe" in English retail CD with the one in Chines retail CD and tested. The modded English retail CD works and sccessfully installed on Windows 10. So i think the "\SETUP\SETUP.exe" [Date 2000/10/24, 575,488 byte] is the Best solution. It's completely official and can be founded in most none-English retail CD.