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  1. Just wanted to drop by and say thanks - I had a bit of a delay, since I wanted to start with Generals and found - naturally - that I had forgotten that I'd long-since somehow lost my CD and ended up buying a new copy of the base game from Amazon. I did have a bit of trouble getting going, despite following all the instructions. I tried some *ahem* online alternative methods of working around the Secdrv problem (because Win 10) that it's probably bad form to talk about here, but in the end, that didn't appear to be necessary.. What WAS necessary was the manual creation of an "options.ini" [1] in the Zero Hour folder in my documents (I googled around trying various things). I didn't get Generals to work at all - it hadn't even generated the save folder... Until I dug out my old save files (ostensibly to get my old skirmish data for ZH!) from my archive HDD and pasted them in, then it worked fine. You might want to consider mentioned that under the Win 10 section. Right, off to play! [1]Copying the data from this place on moddb https://www.moddb.com/mods/cc-generals-zero-hour-enhanced/tutorials/gen-zh-installation-on-windows-7810 ; there may be other places (even on this site), but that's the one I found and used.
  2. Thanks you for the links, I will bare those in mind (especially the last two - I had found the first one); but I was principally looking for advice as to whether to get the TFD, the UC or whether it makes any difference (i.e. if it takes more or less time or more hassle) to do it via the original disks. What would you recommend?
  3. Hi folks. I am a long-term C&C fan, though its been a while since I last played the games - probably, I think, before I got a modern res monitor and still on my old XP drive (which lasted well into the Win 7 era for various reasons!) I am looking at starting again, but obviously, the first hurdle is getting stuff working on a modern res monitor and Windows 10. I have the majority of my old original discs, but it seems more likely that I will need to get one of the modern versions, either TFD or the UC. (I'm leaning towards the former, I could grab one from Amazon uk, either actually, if it comes to it, for under a tenner). So I would like some advice as to what is the most optimum solution, i.e. whether to get either of the versions or if the various fan-patches and whatnot will make the original version work. (Though TFD (+RA3) sounds nearly better than trying to install them all individually! As a final note, I also want to make sure I patch the voices of the guest characters back in in RA2 mission 2 (Hollywood and Vain). I even - rather hilariously - found a post made by none other than myself how I did it last time[1] - good on me for writing it up for other people, bad on me for not being comprehensive enough!) So if anyone knows whther the current patches do this or how to do it otherwise... (I vaguely gather something about using the unofficial YR 1.002 patch through launchbase would do it). Help and advice would be greatly appreciated. [1]2011, apparently.