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    Crash research

    Lol it happens so randomly that its all over the place, and if it was only ever mission 3, then i wouldnt care much and id save every 1 min and keep going xD, but sadly, it happens on 1 and 2 as well, tho rare. Im sad to hear its not something your able to effect, but cant be helped. And as to what im doing when it happens, im simply building my base, my units are securing the area around me and pushing the fog of war back to the cliff line south of the nod base. Sometimes i get right to the nod base before a crash, sometimes im still on my side of the cliffs. Its very random. Oh and yes im using cncdraw, windows 7 64bit, 16gb ram, 4gb graphics card, intel core i7-4790
  2. Irishguy

    Crash research

    i played the game before, and i dunno why suddenly it wont work now. I play perfectly, then get the following application error The instruction at 02cb002b referenced memory at 00000004 The memory could not be read from Click on OK to terminate the application I have installed the game outside of program files and within, i have installed the patch fresh and cleanly, applied the default options and tried turning off the odd one, and i get the same error every time, it sometimes happens in mission 1 of GDI, but mostly in 2 and even far more often in 3, i have gotten to mission 3 5 times today and always stopped by that crash. And im starting to think it might be the unofficial patch causing the problems, which sucks cos dayum does it make the game more playable. I have also ran the game, and even installed the patch as admin and not as admin, and in and out of compatibility mode on my last attempt. Any help on this? thanks!