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    Hi Nyerguds, recently re-downloaded the full game and patch off your site. Game crashes immediately on launch regardless of settings in CCConfig. "The instruction at e6327cad referenced memory at e6327cad. The memory cannot be read from". The game shows to be running but not responding in the task manager. Yes its not inside the hexadecimal range specified but the only thing that searches up with are random C&C forum pages, none of which specify this error nor any solution. I have tried external tweaks but none seem to help. I was hoping you might have some insight. Win 10 (Version 1803 / OS Build 17134.407) / i5-3570k / 16gb Ram / 980ti P.S. Love your work, been playing C&C on and off for years with your patch. Edit: Also what are your thoughts on the recent C&C Remaster announcement if you have any? Edit 2: Welp I'm the local idiot, compatibility did need to be on XP SP3 for it to work.