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  1. I'm experiencing severe lag playing a simple skirmish cause the game refuses to run on the nvidia card and instead runs on the useless intel integrated graphics. I've looked for solutions but can't seem to find any whatsoever. Does anyone know how to run Generals and Zero Hour on the dedicated graphics card? I'm playing this on a laptop with a Core i5-8250U and a GeForce MX150. I'm running the Origin version from the ultimate collection and I have Bibber's fixed launchers. I haven't noticed much issues with the campaign, but during skirmishes when the AI goes crazy with the unit spams, the game lags to near unplayability. I had the same issue with RA3 and Uprising, but after setting the nvidia card as the preferred graphics processor both those games ran fine. But Generals on the other hand simply refuses to do so. Even after setting it as the global preferred processor, there's no change. Has anyone experienced this issue and found a workaround or something??