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    Similar issue to all the above. Random crashes that are appearing with more frequency. Below is an example. Here is what I can tell you. 1. Lenovo G70 laptop running WIndows 10 on Intel CORE i5 with Windows XP (Service Pack 3) compatibility shortcut setting. C&C95 V .1 .06c r3. 2. Error instruction and memory location vary by mission and savegame within the mission. Note, I am playing new fan missions not the standard missions but have played many of these same missions years ago with few errors in the past (except for Devil or the Deep Blue Sea which I could never successfully play to completion). The error above is from fan mission "The Confluence" (SCG219EA). 3. Problem seems to follow a savegame. By that I mean, if I load a savegame the exact same error occurs the exact same number of seconds into the savegame load regardless of what in-game actions are taken (e.g. unit/structure builds, attacks, etc.). I get the impression it has something to do with the AI placing units in the game although there is no way to verify this. Since the error follows the savegame, I was wondering if there is any way to analyze and edit savegames to detect and correct potential map errors. Any insight would be helpful. C&C95 is a fantastic game which I still love to play after all these years. Props to Nyerguds and the rest of the community! Regards, Boski UPDATE: Looking through earlier posts I see the same instruction related to reinforcing with Chinooks so it is likely a problem with the AI bringing units on the map. This mission does regularly try to land Chinooks in your base so no doubt this is also why it happens precisely 79 seconds after each reload of my last good save. I'll try moving around the Mammoths I have protecting the base. Nope! Neither moving units or selling structures solved the problem. Guessing it occurs during creation of the Chinooks. Any way to disable the creation? I'm a coder by profession but not familiar with the AI language or syntax used though the snippets I see here look pretty straightforward. Questions include how to trace error memory location to code line and then how to edit and save. OK, looks like I can edit the .INI file with Notepad. I see trigger lines that look like good candidates. Is there a trigger tutorial anywhere? fsatk=Time,Create Team,20,BadGuy,fsatk,0 tsatk=Time,Create Team,55,BadGuy,tsatk,1 atk1=Time,Create Team,85,BadGuy,atk1,1 rein1=Time,Reinforce.,100,BadGuy,rein1,1 stnks=Time,Reinforce.,145,BadGuy,stnks,1 OK, found INI file tutorial. Potentially problematic Trigger and associated TeamType appear to be tran2=Time,Reinforce.,135,BadGuy,tran2,1 tran2=BadGuy,0,0,0,0,0,7,0,0,0,4,BIKE:3,TRAN:1,E5:2,HELI:2,4,Move:6,Unload:6,Move:5,Attack Base:99,0,0 However, removing these lines did nothing. Does original INI get copied into savegame thereby rendering changes to INI file useless? If so, is there a savegame file editor so I can locate and edit triggers?