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  1. Im trying to launch the original menu for tiberium wars before entering the game (downloaded via Origin) and after running the installer (as admin) for the launchers I'm not seeing the individual launch icons either in my windows start menu or on my desktop... Did I miss a step somewhere?
  2. right click on the TW launcher and in the command path outside (might be inside the ending ") of the ending " and the -ui option which will initiate the Disc launcher menu
  3. Is it possible to make a mod that adjusts the screen to larger that 1600x1200 without crashing the game on startup and will work with all possible game mods?
  4. I wonder if this will also be done to some of the later CnC titles as well; i.e. Tiberium Sun and Red Alert 2 (Expansions included)…. I hope that they finally get around to creating the sequel to Command & Conquer Generals 2