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  1. Hey everyone, Because of the recent Remaster it got me excited about playing CnC again. So I dusted off my old TFD version and installed it. I am having issues with Generals. I went through all the steps listed with the guide. I am able to get the rest of them to work (I think) but I can't get Generals or Zero hour to work. All it does it go back to the splash screen when I try to load it. My tech specs are Windows 10 with Intel chipsets. It's a HP Laptop just a couple years old and has more than enough power to run this. Also, I did confirm DirectX9. I just simply can't get Generals to work. Any help would be appreciated I'm at wits end on this. Oh, if it matters, this is a retail of TFD Update: I was able to find an easy solution. I simply Created a new .ini in the Documents folder with both Generals and Zero directories. Instructions are here https://windowsreport.com/command-and-conquer-generals-windows-10/