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  1. Does anyone know a fix or know why the AI sometimes just doesn't build? It happens only on custom maps and makes them essentially pointless to play.
  2. I'm in the same boat. The link was rehosted on CNCNZ but it looks like the link is dead? Theres a post from the Steam Community from last year about this and a gentleman has made his own program and made up a written tutorial to use mods. The GitHub release The text tutorial (i used it and works fine for me)
  3. I made sure I have no auto updates for Origin at all, I reapplied a fresh download of Bibber's launcher. Do you think just having mods in the mod folder would cause the issue? Or is it something else? Should I maybe not launch the game from Origin?
  4. Me and my friend both get an error trying to join any game or even each others games with an error saying "Failed to join, different game version". We both had the Ultimate Collection, C&C Online Launcher, Bibber's launcher fix. Are we missing something? Edit: My friend can now join other games, I still cant.-