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    reverse move

    Is it possible to mod KW to allow units that do not normally reverse move to do so? In the GameObject xml files for units there is a "KindOf" line item near the top of the file and in that line units that can reverse move have the phrase CAN_REVERSE_MOVE listed. I tried adding that to other units' xml files but that made no difference (whereas deleting that phrase from units that have it causes them to no longer be able to move backward). I also noticed that the locomotor xml files have a line item that says "CanMoveBackward" This is set to "False" even for units that can actually reverse move. I tried changing this to "True" but did not notice any effect in game. As an aside, when I tried to mod the locomotor file for the Nod Avatar I got the attached error message and the mod compilation failed. I was able to resolve this by changing MaxOverlappedHeight="Infinity" to ="99999" I still have not managed to figure out how to get walker units to reverse move though. I am hoping someone here has the expertise to shed some light on this. If so, I would truly appreciate it! I spent a long time to avail. : )
  2. As a random aside, it makes me happy to see that there is still a community of people who love CnC after all these years. : ) Thank you to everyone who keeps this site operational and to everyone who has modded or otherwise helped provide tools and/or information to enable others to mod. Special thanks to Bibber. I never had any interactions with you, but I (and it is clear that many others) have really benefited from the tools you created. I don't know if you will ever read this, but if you do, just know that you are truly appreciated.
  3. Solved the issue described in my previous post. In case it helps anyone else, the issue was that I needed to delete some extra lines from the unit/weapon xml file. In the tutorial for which I placed a link in my prior post, there is the following instruction: If your name was correct then some unit entry will appear in the middle window, press on the unit's entry and you will see that in the most right window xml codes will pop up, copy them all to a simple notepad but make sure you start copying from "" And stop AFTER "" (the rest of the lines beneath it aren't import). Perhaps to someone with coding background this would be obvious, but It was not clear to a relative novice like me where exactly I needed to start copying and where I needed to stop, as there are a lot of quotation marks in the file. After a lot of troubleshooting I realized I needed to delete some of the lines in the file. Using the example of the weapon template for the GDI juggernaut (spelled juggernaught in the asset files), the lines below are what I ultimately kept when I was successful in getting the mod to work. As a test case I was just reverting the reload time from 3s to 5s (i.e. what it was in vanilla KW). This did the trick. Hopefully someone else will find this information helpful. <AssetDeclaration xmlns="uri:ea.com:eala:asset"> <WeaponTemplate id="GDIJuggernaughtArtillery" Name="GDIJuggernaughtArtillery" AttackRange="600" MinimumAttackRange="100" RangeBonusMinHeight="0" RangeBonus="0" RangeBonusPerFoot="0" RequestAssistRange="0" AcceptableAimDelta="0d" AimDirection="0d" ScatterRadius="50" ScatterLength="50" ScatterTargetScalar="0" WeaponSpeed="500" MinWeaponSpeed="99999" MaxWeaponSpeed="99999" IdleAfterFiringDelaySeconds="-1s" HoldAfterFiringDelaySeconds="0s" WeaponRecoil="0d" MinTargetPitch="-15d" MaxTargetPitch="15d" FireFX="FX_GDI_JuggernaughtArtilleryFire" FireVeteranFX="FX_GDI_JuggernaughtArtilleryFireHeroic" FireFlankFX="" PreAttackFX="" ClipSize="3" ContinuousFireOne="99999" ContinuousFireTwo="99999" ContinuousFireCoastSeconds="0s" AutoReloadWhenIdleSeconds="0s" ShotsPerBarrel="1" RequiredFiringObjectStatus="DEPLOYED" ForbiddenFiringObjectStatus="" ContinueAttackRange="0" SuspendFXDelaySeconds="0s" HitPercentage="100%" HitPassengerPercentage="100%" HealthProportionalResolution="0" MaxAttackPassengers="0" RestrictedHeightRange="0" Flags="ORTHOGONAL_SCATTER" PreAttackType="PER_SHOT" ReAcquireDetailType="PER_SHOT" AutoReloadsClip="AUTO" SingleAmmoReloadedNotFullSound="" ClipReloadedSound="" RadiusDamageAffects="ALLIES ENEMIES NEUTRALS" ProjectileCollidesWith="ALLIES ENEMIES NEUTRAL STRUCTURES WALLS" AntiMask="ANTI_GROUND" ProjectileStreamName="" ScatterIndependently="False" DisableScatterForTargetsOnWall="False" ScaleWeaponSpeed="False" CanBeDodged="False" HoldDuringReload="False" CanFireWhileMoving="False" CanFireWhileCharging="False" FiringLoopSoundContinuesDuringReload="True" FiringLoopSoundPlaysOnlyForAttackPosition="False" DamageDealtAtSelfPosition="False" CheckStatusFlagsInRangeChecks="False" ProjectileSelf="False" MeleeWeapon="False" ChaseWeapon="False" LeechRangeWeapon="False" HitStoredTarget="False" CapableOfFollowingWaypoints="False" ShowsAmmoPips="False" AllowAttackGarrisonedBldgs="False" PlayFXWhenStealthed="False" IgnoreLinearFirstTarget="False" ForceDisplayPercentReady="False" IsAimingWeapon="False" NoVictimNeeded="False" RotatingTurret="False" PassengerProportionalAttack="False" FinishAttackOnceStarted="True" CannotTargetCastleVictims="False" RequireFollowThru="False" ShareTimers="False" ShouldPlayUnderAttackEvaEvent="True" InstantLoadClipOnActivate="False" LockWhenUsing="False" BombardType="False" UseInnateAttributes="False" StopFiringOnCanBeInvisible="False" ContactWeapon="False"> <ClipReloadTime MinSeconds="5s" MaxSeconds="5s" /> <Nuggets> <ProjectileNugget PartitionFilterTestType="EXTENTS_3D" ForbiddenTargetObjectStatus="" ForbiddenTargetModelCondition="" RequiredObjectStatus="" WarheadTemplate="JuggernaughtArtilleryWarhead" ProjectileTemplate="FXArtilleryShell" WeaponLaunchBoneSlotOverride="NO_WEAPON"> <VeterancyProjectiles VeterancyLevel="HEROIC" ProjectileTemplate="FXArtilleryShell_Veteran" /> </ProjectileNugget> <SuppressionNugget PartitionFilterTestType="EXTENTS_3D" ForbiddenTargetObjectStatus="" ForbiddenTargetModelCondition="" RequiredObjectStatus="" Radius="100" Suppression="100" DurationSeconds="5s" /> </Nuggets> <ScatterRadiusVsType Radius="50"> <Filter Rule="NONE" Relationship="" Alignment="NONE" Include="INFANTRY" Exclude="" StatusBitFlags="" RejectStatusBitFlags="" AcceptModelCondition="" RejectModelCondition="" /> </ScatterRadiusVsType> <ScatterRadiusVsType Radius="25"> <Filter Rule="NONE" Relationship="" Alignment="NONE" Include="VEHICLE" Exclude="" StatusBitFlags="" RejectStatusBitFlags="" AcceptModelCondition="" RejectModelCondition="" /> </ScatterRadiusVsType> </WeaponTemplate> </AssetDeclaration>
  4. I am new to the CNCNZ community, but have been a longtime fan of the C&C franchise. I have spent significant effort attempting to make what I thought would be a simple beginner mod to adjust some basic parameters of existing units/weapons (reload rate, range, health, etc.). However, I don't see any in-game changes, and suspect I am just missing something simple. i wanted to reach out to see if anyone here would be able to help, given your significantly greater expertise. I have been following the instructions listed in the very helpful linked tutorial by egozi44 (i.e. I took steps similar to what Shrike described in his original post) https://www.moddb.com/tutorials/how-to-do-simple-modifications-to-kanes-wrath-with-wrathed and also have done a lot of reading elsewhere (including this very useful resource by PurpleGaga27). I have uploaded the contents of the modified GDIJuggernaughtArtillery.xml file (uploaded here as a txt file because it appears this site does not allow xml files to be uploaded per se). Please note also that I have used the spelling from the game asset extracted with WrathEd (there it is spelled Juggernaught rather than juggernaut ). Under "clipreloadtime" i have changed 3s to 5s. Yet, no luck. I am not sure what I am missing and am feeling discouraged, since I really love KW (had a blast playing it about 10 years ago) and was hoping to have some fun revisiting it. If I can get this simple mod to work I would like to make a number of other more interesting changes. ) Any advice would be truly appreciated. GDIJuggernaughtArtillery.txt